Hi, I’m the Secret Girl. And this is a coming back of my Secret Blog. I know you’ve missed me!

The first thing I want to say that I really missed you, my sweeties! For a year you lived without my stories, I’m so sorry about that 🙂

It was a hard decision for me to stop blogging, but there were reasons for it.

Last year I gained a lot of subscribers and faced the blocking of my Twitter. It was a shock to me, but I decided to start from the beginning. After that, each new blog was blocked and I didn’t understand the reasons for this and I gave up.

And all last year I kept to explore sex and pleasures without telling you about it. But it’s time to change that!

One year ago I kissed a girl for the first time, but now I seducing them by myself and falling in love all of the time.

I came back with new stories. Many of my secret sexual dreams have come true. Get ready to dive with me into the world of secret wet desires.

I’m back!

Your Secret Girl 😘

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