Since I started my Twitter and FanCentro blog, I have noticed some changes in my mind and not only there. So let’s talk about it.

The first is about my sexual desires. They seem to be growing exponentially, haha, Every night I have dreams that can be like a real porn channel, you know. I see so many amazing porn scenes there… And I think that one day I will become an adult film producer or a porn actress 🍑

By the way!Every time I watch erotic pictures of adult actresses or porn, I start to get a little upset and even envy them. Why? They can show their faces! And I’m not. They’re actresses, and that’s their job. I’m just a girl who enjoys her body and wants to share it. And who dreams of being in their place, haha!

Also I know that I can become one of the best porn actresses if I want to. I feel it, and now you know my secret dream. I get insanely high when you look at my hot photos and when you like what I do, I really like it when I shoot something erotic. I know how to show myself, which angle to choose, how to look sexy and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

In the meantime, I continue to be your secret girlfriend. I like to play like that. I show you so many intimate moments, but you don’t know the main secret — what my face looks like, what eyes I have, how I laugh, what a charming facial expression I have, and so on. But it gives you the opportunity to use your imagination . Someday I will reveal myself… I guess so 🤫 . But stay with me for now. I will show you a lot of interesting Secret Adventures of a girl. Let’s walk this path together! And maybe one day you’ll congratulate me on the XBIZ award, ha ha ha. And it will be so nice that you have walked this path with me from the beginning.

Thanks for the support to everyone who subscribed to me. You make me happy!

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