So the big day has finally arrived 🌟. I flew into city early in the morning. We get the best coffee in the area and went to him!

At first I was very shy (be honestly as always 😇). I smiled a lot and tried to getta know him better. He joked with me and asked to bring TV to him. So I couldn’t figure out why, but I did it haha!

We drank coffee and had a lot of fun. Finally, he said me to take off my pants for some photos. It was so unusual for me to undress on camera! I shyly pulled down my pants and he was stunned with my beautiful booty 😊

The more a camera shot me, the more I got turned on. At that moment I realized that the dream of that schoolgirl (me) had come true ✨. And here I am crawling naked under the sight of Kikiboy 😂

He turned on the music because I couldn’t take my hands off my chest and show my body. I started dancing. I feel most comfortable in dancing. I danced in the sun and it lit up my curves 😍☀️

By the way, that day was the last sunny day in this city for the next few months (I guess). And it was on the day of the shooting. Thanks Universe, I love you 😂🙏🏼

So then he wanted to shoot my booty closer. And suddenly I felt his touch on me 😱. His hand went lower and lower, and he began to pull down my panties. I got wet 💦. His fingers slowly entered me…

He did all this and kept shooting 😛. So I became horny, mega horny haha. That day we made a lot of hot stuff 🔞. By the way you can see this wet pussy video and more on my private Twitter.

My consciousness changed that day ✨. I realized that I love to be photographed naked. It makes me happy to show these photos to you 💋. I started to feel better. I became myself ❤️

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