Kikiboy is the first and for now the only photographer who ever took naked photos of me. I was his follower in Instagram for 5 years! And this is the story about how we met 😊

Let’s start with the fact that 5 years ago I was an ordinary schoolgirl. I watched how he takes hot pictures of different girls and really liked it. It‘s provocative 🔞, but truly and beautiful. I was always drawn to this, but I lived in a place where people condemned it and did not accept it… I was also a youthful girl, so I could only dream of such photos 😯

So I imagined that someday Kirill would take a hot picture of me. And it happened just a few weeks ago!

One day I found out that he came to my city. At that time I was in another place, but my return ticket was already purchased. I wrote to him and we agreed to meet 🎉.

It’s funny that firstly he didn’t understand what I look like, haha! This is because I was always photographed in closed clothes and did not smile much (but now everything has changed and I’ve blossomed). So when he saw me in real life, he was pleasantly impressed!

P.S. Just trust me that if you see me, you will inevitably be charmed 😊

Wanna know about his reaction when I got naked? Read the Part II ❣️

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