Hi, I am Kikiboy, at least so written in my fingers. I often read naked girls with whom I constantly meet everywhere. This site is my little solar system and everything that I do will appear here.

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The history of one simple guy is a museum worker who decided to change all his life and turn into what he would like to be in his most intimate fantasy. The main role belongs to me and this show is my life. Let's see what happens.

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This is a real story with real personnel, about the transformation of a person.

The story begins with the fact that I am going with a girlfriend in a distant city, to remove the promotional video for the musician of one well-known group in order to make friends with them and after removing the official clip for this very group.

I meet with him, we remove a great promo video, and then I depregately remove a couple of models and I get into one depraved party, which finally changes my worldview and strongly spreads the framework.

Upon arrival, I watches everything that I had and slowly I understand that I no longer want to shoot a video for the group, but what I want to do in reality is to make a movie about debauchery.

Perhaps it will be the series, and maybe 1 is a big movie.


A couple of years ago I decided - I want that my life would be a solid adventure. I am bold and often get into different interesting stories. I like writing about it, and the photos serve as proof of my words. Below you can read my stories.

What am I looking for?

All I'm looking for at the moment I describe in this section. This is my "wall of desires."

Adventure in the hot country

I want to go to a hot country that would shoot there girls and some interesting story

Clip for group

I would like to remove the clip for some kind of buzz group.
With a girl dancing in the dark. Well, or something like this

Amazing girl

Find an incredible girl, air and beautiful. With long, beautiful hair) and remove the video with it

Shooting for a cool company

I want to shoot at some big company

Many subscribers

Need many subscribers, for example 100k
With a lot of quantities I can implement any idea.

Comments and mistakes on the site, suggestions or just emotions can write me, I will be happy) thanks

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